(Reno, NV) - Conservative bloggers finally have an alternative to Liberal hosting by Google and other major platform providers. is preparing to come out of beta stage to fully launch a free Wordpress blog hosting service that will certainly turn some heads.

The new Conservative blog network is powered by the award winning, world class blogging software, Wordpress. Unlike most blog hosting companies such as Google, Typepad, Townhall, and others, ConservaBlogs gives the blogger full access to his/her blog. Users can edit anything on the site, import themes, install plugins, publish Google Adsense to help make a little money while at it, and basically customize the entire blog until it is exactly the way they want it. Read the rest of this entry »

New ConservaBlogs!

I love it when I’m handed a new URL to blog about. Today, thanks to my moving over from Blogger, I too am now hosting my own blog here at But I’m certainly not alone in the move.

My new blog will focus on blogging tips and tricks for the ConservaBlogger community, with a hint of marketing and Conservative blogger networking. I’ll also be following the blogging industry and social networking in general.

Next, we have an excellent writer whom has done quite a bit of blogging in the past with another host, but that host unfortunately fell through and he was forced to hang his hat up for a season or two. Thanks to our free Wordpress Hosting, Jeff Michael now has a new home online and we look forward to helping him share his message and opinions on whatever comes to mind.

Be sure and give Jeff Michael over at Common Sense Conservatism a visit and don’t forget to grab his feeds for future reference.

Make room for Publius Forum

Warner Todd Huston of Publius Forum is now a member of the ConservaBlogs family.

Warner and I go back a bit, thanks to the upcoming Blogging Man Conservative Blogger’s Convention. Warner is an editor over at the official Blogging Man Blog, and has put in countless hours in assuring the blog runs smoothly.

Warner Todd Huston has ample experience with the blogosphere and understands the complexity in using networks to spread the winning message. Warner will be an excellent addition to the network and we welcome him with open arms.

Welcome to ConservaBlogs, Publius Forum!

More Conservative Blogs!

We’ve been live for two days and already have two blogs in the network, with another five on the way. Four of the new five will be joining us beginning January 1st. One of them, the new blog for the upcoming, a website dedicated to watching the anti Christmas crowd this month and beyond, will be live within the next few days.

We’re only going to allow about 20 blogs for the Beta program, so if you need Wordpress hosting please contact us ASAP.


Stay tuned for more blog action!

Support Forums Now Open

ConservaBlogs will be fairly slow through the Christmas season. With this in mind our permanent support forums are kind of put behind a few other projects that need to be taken care of and soon. Until we can get a permanent place for members to discuss issues related to the community we’ll be using a temorary place of discussion located here.

If you’re interested in setting up a blog and have questions, or you need help or have a problem with your blog, please post it in the support forums.

We now install Wordpress plugins for ConservaBloggers

From now on our support team will be assisting in the installation of basic Wordpress plugins free of charge for our network bloggers. ConservaBlogs Support will install, as a courtesy, the following plugins and edit them into your code for you. Read the rest of this entry »